So are we never going to get a Rioter comment on Karthus?

Every single champion nowadays that gets reworked or introduced either gets massive mobility, damage mitigation, or hard CC which is difficult to avoid if you don&#039;t have any mobility, all three of which shut down Karthus very hard by making it very difficult to do his job. Karthus&#039; opponents have a shitton of tools for outplaying him, but he doesn&#039;t have any tools for outplaying anyone. As a Karthus player since season 1, Karthus just becomes less and less fun every season, as it feels like opponents don&#039;t even have to think about countering you anymore. He&#039;s just a massive, slow-moving ball of damage at this point, with no good CC (unless you count a 100 mana 18 sec CD slow that decays rapidly starting at 40% as CC.) And now, with the Irelia VGU, we're getting yet another champion with massive mobility and on-demand damage mitigation. I would very much appreciate any sort of acknowledgement of his existence, but I'm not counting on it, since Karthus has a <1% play rate (gee, I wonder why.)
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