99 LP is the worst feeling. Why not simplify rank progression?

Just have to throw this out there since it's so true. My next game, if I win will grant me a whopping +1 LP. A loss will deduct somewhere around 17-19 LP. The loss far outweighs the gain and frankly I think the whole 0-100 LP system needs retooled. The tiny adjustments to LP per win or loss are really insignificant. Not a big deal if I gain 17 LP or 19 LP for a win. Why not make life for everyone easier: when you enter a tier, say Gold 3, you need to net 6 wins to get to a series, best of 3/5 ranks you up. Yes, this muddies up things like -3 LP for queue dodging, but there are alternate solutions for that. Say, every 5 queue dodges is a loss (reset at the start of each year/season).

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