Leagues is on a downhill for me and i dont have fun now. What are peoples opinions on the game now?

Everytime i play, the winning team is happy, and the losing team is always angry at someone. Just today i played my series and had a troll walk around as garen and feed lanes on purpose. I got really really frustrated and yelled at him and told him to stop being a little pussy and ruin the game for everyone. In the end i got banned from that even though i was clearly showing my anger towards someone who deserved it. When a team loses they always complain about another player and rips them apart and people spend the majority of the game typing instead of playing. I find it hard to believe that many people even play this game for fun anymore. for so many players losing in the game is like losing your own life and suck all the fun out of the game for me by them getting super angry if you do something wrong. A videogame is meant to be fun but ever time i play thats exactly what i dont see. I made this post to hopefully get a bunch of people telling me why they like or dislike the game so hopefully i can see that please and thank you.
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