So let's say I play 3 roles in LOL...

Back in the halcyon days solo queue, most players had a main role, 2 back up roles, and 2 lanes they hoped they never got. So moving in to the dark DQ age, old school players (those who started playing the game before this year) have a bit of a problem. We've got 3 roles we can play but only 2 choices. Some of us like playing all 3 roles even if we main too. Now me, I like getting support, mid, and jungle. So which role do I not choose when I'm willing to play 3 of them? Fill isn't an option because I really don't want to get ADC and the only top champ I know how to play is Irelia (buy TF, ???, and hope you win). So could riot change up DQ so you have to pick 2 roles, but there's a 3rd option available if you want it?
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