Can Lissandra PLEASE get a new passive with the MYMU.

Hell, I love Lissandra, shes one of, if not my favourite champion. My name even comes from her E. but I feel her current state of her pass is.. Her current passive stinks. It just does. 18 seconds for a free spell? How is this ever going to be helpful _especially late game._ I mean even nunu gets a free spell every 4 auto attacks, I feel like this would be much more beneficial for her. Maybe even a shield like the new Malzahar passive, at least this will allow her to E in without getting instagibbed (if you dont have hourglass or self ult) If you're not going to change her passive, can you at least LOWER the time it takes to cast a free spell? Now that mages have NO mana regeneration at all? ** if I am wrong and there's been news about her getting a new passive, please link me :) ** Thoughts? {{champion:127}} plz.
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