Why is Riot even experimenting with this stupid Archangel's Nerf?

I'm serious.{{item:3003}} for YEARS has been a 80 AP item with 3% of Mana > AP. Now that it's 50 AP, they want to raise its price 300+200 gold AND reduce it to 1% of Mana > AP? That makes it a friggin MAX 80 AP item, even when charged up. Down from 190 > 150ish. WTF? How does that even make sense at all? Here's some math to Illustrate why this is a big wow: It was 2 patches ago, and It replaced {{item:3165}} {{item:3165}} +{{item:3003}} USED TO BE: 400 + 1000 Mana (1400 Mana) 20% CDR (all on Morellonomicon) 170-190 AP on AA, 100 AP on Morellonomicon (270-290 AP total) 2700G > 3000G > 3100G > 3200G on {{item:3003}} Enemy Takedown = 20% Max Mana recovered (Lost to a rune mages can't normally use) on {{item:3165}} 2400g > 2900 G > 3000g. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Gold: 5400G > 5900G > 6000g > 6200G (net 800G increase in cost since Season 6) The New results: {{item:3003}} + {{item:3165}} 1400 Mana (Same) 20% CDR (Same) 50 + ~30 AP + 80 AP = 160 AP ( 110-130 LESS AP) 300 HP (New) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In other words it loses 110 -130 AP to gain 300 HP, for an increase in the COST by 200-800G. Keep in mind what else this means: Less AP gain from {{item:3089}} No actual benefit from buying {{item:3027}} anymore Diminished returns from building {{item:3110}} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- No other item in the game has had a nerf that removes so much utility and actually INCREASED the price.
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