Zoe is too strong at the moment

Hello. I am writing this to say what I think of Zoe, the latest champion released. I'm gonna go through a list of reasons why I, and many others, think she is too powerful of a champion. Passive: More Sparkles! Though there are some champions that have passives similar to this, Zoe gets a lot more damage. The passive gives 12-135 (based on lvl) bonus magic damage (+25 AP) when you basic attack or bubble within 5 secs after casting an ability. This is a lot of free damage that you will get to hit most of the time, because mages always basic attack between spells. Even if you aren't in range for an attack, you can cast bubble to get the damage as well. So the passive itself is ok, but the damage is just too high. - Fix: Lower the bonus magic damage. Q - Paddle Star This is the spell that I think does way too much damage. For the amount of skill it takes to aim the skillshot and hit it, the spell does too much. The spell itself is strong on its own because of the fast projectile and redirecting aspect, but why it's too much is because of her sleep ability, Sleepy Trouble Bubble, which nearly guarantees she hits her Q. If this is not enough, targets that are hit by the bubble and are sleeping, take bonus true damage, which doesn't make any sense. The spell is so useful since it can be redirected, which makes hitting champions around minions a lot easier. Level based damage, the ability can do a minimum of 58-180 damage, to a maximum of 145-450. Also, the scaling of minimum is 66% which is already high for a mage, and goes up to 165% when you get the max range Q, which is crazy high. No basic ability should do so much damage. Finally, it has a very low cooldown: 7.5 / 7 / 6.75 / 6.5 / 6.25 and mana cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70. - Fix: As mentioned before, the ability itself is good. The ability scaling needs to be lowered significantly, or the ability cooldown needs to increase a lot. Even so, the base damage of the ability should be reduced as well. Lastly, there is no reason for the Q to do extra damage against a sleeping target. I mean, the target is already asleep, it is already in a bad state and very vulnerable to any damage. (Actually, I wish true damage would only be available on only some champions, and the damage should be reasonable, considering how powerful true damage is.) W - Spell Thief Spell thief allows Zoe to pick up spell shards that drop when an enemy champion casts a summoner spell or item active. These shards remain on the ground for 40 seconds. Also, some enemy minions spawn with random spell shards that when killed, drop the spell shard, but for 20 seconds instead. Additionally, casting her own spells or spell shards grants Zoe bonus movement speed, and three bubbles that orbit her and hurl themselves automatically at nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. If you notice on all of her spells so far, they each have a lot of parts to them. Spell Thief is an unfair advantage that Zoe has. She basically gets free summoner spells when an enemy uses one, or when she kills a minion carrying one. Some of the item actives, like Redemption or Gunblade, each have value of about 1000 gold. Why should Zoe get these for free to use against enemies. I am surprised that such an ability even made it to a champion. People have said that its very RNG based. Well, some of it is. But not when an enemy uses a summoner spell. When they use a flash and ignite, for example, well your guaranteed those spells if you pick them up. This spell is difficult to balance because of how powerful and how it can change the outcome of a game, just because Zoe was able to chase you down with a Gunblade active that a minion dropped. - Fix: Ideally, I don't think this should even be a champion ability. But, to balance it better, I think the shards should only remain on the ground for 15 seconds, and Zoe can store the shards for 30 seconds. Also, minions can only drop a lower tier summoner spell like Cleanse, Barrier, Ignite, and only cannon minions. Finally, remove the bonus movement speed when casting a spell shard, it's unnecessary. E - Sleepy Trouble Bubble This is not directly the most damaging ability, but it is probably the strongest of all of Zoes. The projectile for the ability, like the Q, is quite fast. This ability is very powerful for 2 reasons. One, it not only puts the target to sleep, but makes them drowsy for 1.5 sec, slowing target by 10/20/30/40/50%. This itself is good cc. After the 1.5 sec drowsy, the target is put to sleep for 2.3 sec. So, it's almost as if you are cc'd for 3.8 seconds. Second, the ability can be used to zone off an area. The ability radius is 250 units (Morgana W is 275), which is quite a large area for an ability that can both drowsy you and put you to sleep. In addition to these, the ability can be cast through terrain once (with indefinite distance) and another 650 units upon exiting terrain, and remains on the ground for 4 sec. One of the best, if not best basic cc ability in the game. If Zoe lands the bubble on enemy adc late game, its very possible the adc gets killed within 1 second. One final thing about the ability is that if you put a enemy champion to sleep, some of the ability cooldown gets refunded:10/ 15/20/25/30%, which again, makes no sense. Free cooldown reduction. - Fix: Given the effect radius of bubble, the bubble's time on the ground needs to be reduced to 2 sec, or 2.5. Also, the ability should not gain extra range when going through terrain. It is an already very strong ability. Also, the drowsy should be for only 1 sec with a fixed slow of 30%, and the sleep duration 2 sec. Lastly, remove the true damage. It is not necessary on a cc ability. Plus, the ability already does damage as it is. R - Portal Jump This is the only ability that is fine on Zoe. I don't like the fact that this is a non-damaging ability, because the champions designer thought that means they can make her other abilities and passive do high amounts of damage. This is one ability where you can use to your advantage because you know where Zoe will return to at the end of the ability. Even so, the cooldown on this ability is low as well: 11/8/5 sec. Perhaps 16/12/8 sec would be better. As it is now, she can use every 7-8 seconds at rank one with 25% cooldown reduction. At rank 3, she can use it every 4 seconds or less, if she has even more cooldown reduction. - Fix: Increase the cooldown on the ability, as mentioned. It's unfortunate that nearly every new champion that is released is usually too powerful and always ends up getting nerfs. Why can't the champion just be more balanced from the release? Faker has even said "It might be because we're still in the preseason, but Zoe seems pretty unbalanced right now" https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/3651/skt-faker-it-might-be-because-were-still-in-the-preseason-but-zoe-seems-pretty-unbalanced-right-now For those who think while reading this "This is completely gutting the champion. It's gonna be too weak after this." It is quite obvious Zoe was too powerful on release, and is still op even now, even after receiving some nerfs in Patch 7.24, and a minor one in 7.24b. Even if you use the champion a lot now, it's good to be open minded and see that Zoe is too strong of a champion. If your wondering about Zoe's winrate, it is 47.3% in Korea, with a 100.1% ban rate (somehow haha). New champions almost always have not so good winrate, because, they are new champions. It follows that a champion someone doesn't know how to play on well will lose, even if the champion has the potential to beat the enemy champion in a game 9 out of 10 times, for example. And the argument "Well, the enemy doesn't know how to play against it, so it's even" actually doesn't make much sense, since if you are playing your own champion that you know how to play well, you will play against any other champion similarly, even a new one. So, the disadvantage still lies mostly with the player playing the new champion Zoe. Thank you for reading my post.
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