Matchmaking in SR is kinda impossible.

Matchmaking in Summoners Rift, is something that has bothered me a lot. I know it bothers you too. But if you really think about it, its pretty fucking hard from Riots perspective. ------------------------------------------------- The average player, or even ABOVE average player, is still going to have WILDLY varying results. Maybe you are first pick Top lane, leaving the other team FIVE PICKS to counter you. Maybe you are a Gold Top laner, but the other team has 2 Plats, and it just happens to be the Top/Jungle. Maybe the Top is a master at freezing wave, and the Jungle just happens to decide to CAMP YOU HARD. Maybe you are a Plat Bot lane carry, vs a Gold, but they are a Draven 1 trick. Maybe your dumb ass support gets hooked under tower at lvl 3 by Blitzcrank, and that Gold Draven gets a double kill. There are just SO MANY FACTORS that go into it. ----------------------------------------------------- Also there are 140+ champions, and Riot has NO IDEA who you are going to choose. Maybe this is the game you decide to pull out your 35% win-rate Singed, just because you love playing him, even though you have a 60% total win-rate this season. ____________________ Furthermore the way Summoners Rift is set up, and how snowball the game has become, if you DO get fucked over by a lvl 2 Udyr "FLASH STUN" gank, and you jungle ignores you, you are pretty fucked, even if you out-skill your opponent. I honestly feel like they were onto something with the Nexus Blitz map. Not all the unbalanced events and items, just the shape and size of the map. No one person was ever gonna get camped on a fucking island. Any one player who was feeding, the rest of the team had easy access, to come HELP. In that sense I think a game mode like that would be WAY easier to balance, if that makes any sense. It felt like one team, fighting together, rather than "HEY I am winning MY game here in Top, Can you stop FUCKING FEEDING in YOUR game at Bot?" ----------------------------------------------------- I feel like I had more points I am forgetting, but I think I kinda outlined my thoughts decently... Have a nice day people! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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