Nerf lux please, other account I lane against her with pantheon 0/10 10 min she is too safe. toxic

LUX MAINS WILL NOT HELP MUCH PLEASE VOTE IF YOU ACTUALLY FIGHT HER THANK YOU {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Adding on to my post she does stand out of your tower range and there is nothing you can do. no gank no help just lux this happened weeks ago, see i am pantheon and she is mid, she gave me the most unfun lane possible with nothing i can do(her e and q keep even pantheon at bay.) so this champ destroys melee's and semi ranged people(you cannot kill her cause of her q ?) yes she outdueled me once as ..... KAYLE/ult and everything and i'm 2/0 she was 0/2 me as kayle lvl 8 lux lvl 7 if you aren't her range atm gg to the lane since i would just keep dying again and again. and her lane clear is fine the e hits me and the minions all in one. and once she gets zhonya's she's very tanky and unkillable(i had duskblade and youmuus) could barely half health her as panth with her zhonyas but i was also unable to move but she also one shot me as well. 1 level difference/1 item difference. and if she has GA and zhonyas GG because its not possible to kill her unless your team is 1v5ing her. i hear folks say gank her well she can fight me from her tower safely with lee in front of me also there is a time where even as a melee champ you cannot duel her(she e's then runs away this severly lowers melee peoples health bars.) then she can just stand still and win the 1v1 its toxic. plus if yi goes to her she will just q when hes aa her then e and r and ignite then make emote appear. yeah its very fun to see 1000 dmg out of no where :/ i even devised a build that i will build when against her from now {{item:3156}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3065}} situational::: {{item:3026}}

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