Does anyone miss Thunderlord's Degree?

[]( NOTE: Thunderlord's Decree* (My mistake in the title lol) Not only was Thunderlord's Degree a more balanced Rune but it actually felt like it belonged in the League Universe due to types of Magic's and beings that existed (Demi-Gods and Thunder Lord Ornn Skin Reference). Thunderlord's Degree sounded a lot cooler thematically as well, because it was suggesting that an actual God like Lord striken a Thunder on your enemy when it proc'ed. Now with Electrocute it's like, meh you just got Electrocuted by a Red Thunderbolt. In terms of balance-wise, Electrocute currently has a bonus +20% AD/AP ratio compared to Thunderlord's Degree, and on top of that even a much higher base damage at early game of 40 and all the way to late game by 40 as well. Oftenly people use the excuse for this being fine because it has a longer cooldown, but is that really a good enough reason? >###**What are everyone's thoughts on this? Does anyone want the Thunderlord's Decree back?**
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