Sylas - Pros and Cons

Back for a few minutes to basically outline the things I like about Sylas, and the things I really don't like about him. It helps that Reddit is weird at this time of night, and I can't sleep. -------------------------------------------- **Sylas - The Vintage Player's Dream** Pro: Why do I call him that? Because we have a lot of experience with all of the ultimates. We've tinkered around with, played with, and abused ultimates from the original 40 until now. Myself, even on this account, I'm at least Mastery 4 with every champion on the roster. God it will be fun with a cherry picking of ults every game. Con: He adds damage onto a lot of ults that shouldn't really HAVE damage. At least when those champions are played how they are meant to be. Their scaling is intense for precisely this reason, and Sylas is simply designed to abuse the holy hell out of this. **Sylas - Yet Another AOE Burster** Pro: Wave clear is going to be easy, and his farm is very likely to be intense every game. Split pushing will be masterful, with ease. Con: Yeah, just what the game needed. More AOE burst. **Sylas - The Jack Of All Trades** Pro: With his ability to snag ults, namely those that make you tougher, he will be able to gap fill pretty much anything his team needs simply by jacking the ultimate from specific champions. Need a tanky champ? Steal from Jax or Cho. Need more damage? Steal Zed's. Con: This will make him either a solid ban, or a solid pick, in every single game until he's nerfed into oblivion. The last thing players want is a functional 5v6 mechanics wise. ------------------------------ All in all he seems like he is a fun concept, but he's right down the same path RIOT has mindlessly carved for the past few years. He is a champion who can 'do it all' while still killing your team. But the biggest Pro of all? Imma Veigar ult a Veigar.
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