True Sight with the Moon

I am really hoping that riot will add more incentive to Diana. {{champion:131}} The recent change allowing her E, Moonfall, to draw in units closer to her was a good revert. I say revert because her initial Moonfall ability was deemed over-powered in utility as it is a vacuum and slow. A proposed change would be greatly appreciated. Her identity needs to show up more in the Diver class. Allowing her to reveal units was a given, but allowing her to true sight them with her Q, Crescent Strike, would be well deserved for having her in a team. She is a diver, as i said before, targeting squishes and reducing their health bars. If she cant follow up on her Q + R combo, shes a sitting duck. I find alot that whenever i use her Q on an invisible/stealthed champion its pretty much wait out their cloaked and then Q them again for the damage. My opinion, it really seems to fit her thematic of being a Moon Fighter. I see the moon as a pure energy source as it reveals all evil and vanishes darkness in the glow of moonlight(through sun ray reflection). Ever thought why vampires and werewolves looked more menacing at night?
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