Point and click rooting.

I used to think that mechanic was stupid. Like how {{champion:13}} would just point and click root and use his other abilties. Same with {{champion:90}} ult. But I've since changed my mind because of all the dashes, walking through walls, almost flying over terrain like {{champion:164}} and not to mention escaping with ease using the same options. The only way to really combat all these dashes is by making more champions have point and click rooting. the only catch would be that it would be for utility based champions, like supports and tanks. Besides wouldn't it make sense with all the dashes and immobile champions? The game can't be balanced around immobile champions and champions with dashes if you want the game to last virtually forever and remain in a healthy state. It would also open up for different build paths and making {{item:3814}} a more viable options. Cause right now any assassin is going to build {{item:3147}} and {{item:3142}} before considering {{item:3814}}. In fact I really don't see anyone build that item anymore. The only reason to build {{item:3814}} is when the enemy team are all squishy champs and you want the extra lethality. in conclusion, please bring back the high risk aspect of the game.
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