This made my day, hopefully it brightens yours

So I just played a game of top lane Nautilus in ranked. I was up against a Yasuo so I wasn't too worried. We get into lane and when he uses his Q his mastery emote pops up. He uses his Q again and his mastery emote pops up again. Every single time he uses his Q he spams his mastery emote (obviously he bound his mastery emote to Q on his keyboard.) Laning phase continues and we kill each other (but he gets the first blood.) He comes back to lane and not only does he use his mastery emote whenever he Qs but he also uses it every couple auto attacks as well. Hundreds and hundreds of mastery emote spams. After about 5 minutes I got so pissed off that I wanted to make an example of him. I killed him 3 times in the next 5 minutes and took his tower. After that he flamed his team, rage quit and never came back. I felt bad for the enemy team having a rage quit but it sure made me smile to know that I had induced a rage quit in such an annoying and toxic player. The end. Edit: For those of you asking how to bind your mastery to QWER I believe the only way you can do it is via a keyboard macro. I would not recommend doing this though because some people cheat using macros (i.e. to get perfect Riven or Kat combos) and Riot's detection system may think you are using the macro to get a gameplay advantage.
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