So, Patch 8.23 notes are out, and honestly it's depressing to read

Turret changes are like okay, that's some shit we've been asking about for like a year and a half. Cool, thanks for implementing it, big plus But where are the champion balance changes? Irelia nerfs? Urgot nerfs? Pyke nerfs? Akali changes? No? Okay, well I guess I'm suppose to be happy with getting stat choices back, you know, the same exact system that we were using for about 5 years before runes reforged. But oh wait, they finally gave Lissandra a passive after working on it for like 8 months, 8 fucking months Like what the fuck were you guys doing leading up to pre season in the balance department? I realize that Riot said this would be a soft patch, and that they're waiting for the system changes to take effect to see who to nerf/buff, but honestly, I don't see this patch shaking anything up. Such a fucking let down Why is the balance team so fucking afraid to throw a shit ton of changes in the pre season to shake stuff up? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF TELL ME Like I'm speechless beyond this point, a whole fucking season of issues and terrible balance with the exception of 3 or 4 patches, and I was so hopeful for pre season, and it's just like, great, this is useless.
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