Non-Meta Champions

Okay. I don't main any meta champions. Only one I do that is close to the meta is Vi. Now, I am a big fan of Kindred, both lore and in game. I always get flamed and told that I'm going to get perma banned for playing an off meta champ, or that I'm nothing more than a troll. I usually just say "Not against the rules" and just move on. But, lately people have been saying "You're gonna get what happened to that Nunu kid". Like... is it really that bad to not play the meta and to instead play champions you enjoy? Has league fallen so far that only about 20 of the 100+ champions are viable? I don't get it. I picked up Kindred as my first ever jungler. Next to Vi, of course. But, why does everyone seem so set on the fact that if you don't play the meta, you're going to get banned? What is this all about?
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