Now That All the Support Items Have Leashes

In my last post i made it evident that the support changes were something i agreed with. Now to make em better. Now that all three have a leash, could we finally extend the range of Relic shield to 1500 units as well? Or even better 2000? Reasoning, and its very simple. Are you ever in a situation in bot where you are getting camped and then you're behind by a few levels and a significant amount of farm? You're playing a tank support and your adc is lets say, Ashe, for simply a normal adc example. Now this Ashe and you are going against a enemy poke lane, Let's go with the Silver sweeper duo, Brand and Ezreal. Anybody who has ever done this or something similar will know that if that Ashe moves at tower range, she can die within 2-3 seconds. So if she goes up to farm, then BOOM, enemy engages and she dies. Youre a tank, and with Relic you should be funneling farm, but your adc is too scared to move up and youre forced to try under tower which is annoying and can still lead to the adc death. The increase of the leash would benefit losing lanes, making the team being pushed back have a better range of protection because the support can push up and farm for the adc while not forcing the adc to come into the "Brand flash E, Q's me and i die to an Ezreal W, Q at lvl 2-3"

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