Friendly reminder that Yasuo is still broken beyond belief.

Just had a game where I was 16/7/10 as a jungle. Killed mid like 4 times under his tower. Killed bot lane so many times they actually just straight up afked. Yasuo won top. Unfortunately, Yasuo is so broken he singled handedly carried the game. It took four of us to kill just him late game. Yes, my teammates simply weren't very good, but a single player by himself shouldn't be able to win the game on any champion alone. He was massively out played by myself, but it didn't matter because his champion is ridiculously broken. We lost the game 3 v 5 because I had teammates who were newish and Yasuo is broken beyond belief. Somehow the highest damage character in the game is also a hyper tank with amazing CC and a ton of mobility. I'm confused why he hasn't been removed the servers yet. Such poor champion design.
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