Can Rift Herald be more substantial?

Jungle main here. As a jungler, I feel Rift Herald is very low in priority because dragon is so much better. Especially stacking as many dragons as possible for stacking buffs and a strong elder dragon buff. Rift Herald is shit in comparison. So why is this a problem? Quite honestly I will almost never gank or show on the top side of the map if dragon is up. I will even pass up some of my buffs if it's on the top side. Pretty much all my ganks are focused on mid and bot which is why it feels like whoever wins bot wins the game. It's not that the ADC will always carry the game, it's that that's where pretty much all the teams' effort is concentrated. Junglers gank it. Mid laners roam there. Top laners TP in here. I've been playing support a lot on another account with one of my irl friends who is an ADC main and every single game there are multiple 4-man gang bangs bot lane followed by the team taking dragon. Every. Single. Game. And as a jungle main I can confirm that bot lane is a priority gank and completely understand why it happens and that I do it myself. So can you make Rift Herald a relevant thing instead of a mediocre buff on a single person on your team? Would be great to not feel guilty showing top to gank and I'm sure bot lane mains would really appreciate not getting 4 man dove 10-15 minutes into the game every single game.
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