After some research, I found a disturbing statistic about bot lane.

**Context:** I take breaks from time to time but over the last weekend( since the snow storm) I played maybe 20-50 games of ranked between my alt account and my main account. As usual, I won some, lose some, gained divisions and lost them, but as I kept losing I started noticing something strange. No matter how often Id get an early lead, (First blood, first dragon or first tower maybe a couple of kills) I'd still end up losing unless if I played perfectly or basically 1v9 carried the game. I'm not the type of person to take L's for free so I started doing research into my games, looking for any trends that come up such as champions i consistently lose to, or builds that don't work out or match ups that I need to aid sooner (being a jungler). Nothing was really consistent except for one trend. If my bot lane lost, we lost, even if I was fed, or if my top laner or mid laner was fed. **Is it really true though?** Well first I checked my match history in detail. (for my match history specifically I only checked my Udyr games because thats my One trick and sometimes I do pick other champions either due to boredom or because my champ is banned / another champ might fit the situation better.) Up to this point I checked and found that in the games I won my bot lane was ahead and/or smashed the enemy bot lane. in the games I lost it was the exact opposite. I couldn't believe it so I checked my friends match history and even random players (like Trick2g's account) and found the same trend. **Does it happen 100% of the time?** The short answer is no. But from what I saw its about every 4/5 games which feels too often if I'm trying to carry or Say if I want to help top lane who's facing Darius or Illaoi. If this statistic is true, then I'd have a way higher chance of winning getting bot ahead even if Darius gets fed or if the enemy mid laner gets fed. I will say there are some games where 1 -3 players (IF top mid and jungle per example) do really well they can carry the game despite their bot lane, but this doesn't happen that often. **What I conclude from the little digging I did** If you play top lane, jungle or mid, going even in that lane or winning isn't enough. You either have to pub stomp your lane / opposing jungler so you can oe shot or murder their bot lane, or get your bot lane ahead if you can't smash lane super hard. It feels pretty bad to me because I love jungling but it feels like going ADC instead of jungle despite not being super good at the role by any means could net me more wins because I'm pretty good at not feeding at the very least even if I lose lane which should give the ones on my team trying to carry the maximum chance to do so. **Additional context: ** Above are my's for my accounts if you wanna check them out. My alt I mainly use it to practice Rengar because He's my second most favorite champion right now. **Conclusion** I'll end this post by asking a favor to whoever reads this and cares enough to respond ( I doubt many will). Can you check your match history and see how often this trend happens? I'm hoping that its just me that's making too many mistakes in my games because then I could identify my mistakes and fix them to improve my chances of winnning (although I don't feel like you should have to play PERFECT every game to climb but that's besides the point).
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