@RiotRepertoir, @Meddler: What do you think about the laning phase for tanks like Singed, Nasus, etc

Yo reds, Just curious about your thoughts on champions like Nasus/Susan, Singed, and similarly stat-checky style tanks. It seems like playing against them is incredibly dull. Either (a) you have the damage to push them out of lane, but likely never kill them, or (b) they have so much sustain and/or effective health that you can't do anything to them that doesn't include "take a ridiculous amount of minion damage while they ignore you/disengage effortlessly/opt to not participate in laning against you in any way". Is this a problem that you guys see/agree with (or have plans for?) or do you view this situation differently? On a personal level, these tanks are incredibly frustrating to lane against; it's like playing against a brick wall in most cases. Edit for those arguing over definitions: there's definitely some nuances to the terminology. Riot still hasn't posted the list of the dozen terms they use internally that they mentioned a few days ago. If a red responds, maybe they'd be willing to categorize some of these champs for us? :D I specifically chose the 2 named for the lack of both solid ranged poke as well as mobility options (other than slows). In contrast, Darius/Malph/Poppy/Shen/Mundo all have at least one or both of those options. Trundle could go into the same camp as Singed and Nasus (depending on if you count his speed field as a serious mobility option or not).

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