PSA: Do NOT buy lootboxes with RP

It is not even close to worth buying lootboxes with RP at this point. The amount of Orange and Blue Essence you get out of them has gone down ***drastically.*** The amount of Orange Essence you get for disenchanting is now half. Blue Essence from disenchanting is obviously down as well. This is a warning to just buy the skin you want instead of opting for lootboxes. This is not thread debating "Yeah, but we get more shards from leveling!". Whether we do or do not, this isnt a thread discussing that. This is specifically for lootboxes purchased with RP. The message of this thread is simple: ***Although the RP price of lootboxes has remained the same,*** the value of the content in those boxes has dropped by ***half*** compared to a box you bought a week ago. Until there is some form of compensation for purchasing them with RP, do not buy any.
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