I honestly feel like triumph is a bigger issue than damage this season...

I don't understand why Riot wants games to be so damn one sided. Buffs are stupidly overpowered. And after someone gets a kill (or even an assist) it becomes literally impossible to clean up because you get 12% of your hp back from triumph. And assassins need to invest almost NOTHING in order to get it. Back when masteries were a thing, you needed to invest really deep into the offensive tree if you wanted dangerous game (very similar to triumph), and it only gave 5% of your hp back on a kill/assist, so comebacks in fights were actually possible even if you didn't get the first kill. It's so stupid that even an assassin who isn't fully invested in the precision tree has access to this rune. And while we're on the topic of assassins let's also talk about how useless wards are this season, since they can one shot all your wards after they get duskblade. I feel like for the last few season it's been nothing but buffs for assassins (direct or indirect) and it's dumb.

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