I need a reason to keep Frost Queen's Claim late game, let alone build it in the first place.

Because right now, as a support (specifically {{champion:267}}) main, when I build Spellthief's Edge, I hardly ever build it into Frostfang, let alone to Frost Queen's Claim. There's just no reason to, unless I'm at full build otherwise and need an extra 10% CDR. I only use Spellthief's for the bit of gold it gives me from harassing (which I do a lot of as Nami), and only go into Frostfang when I feel like harassing for slightly more gold. {{item:3401}} gives 500 HP, 100% base HP regen, and 10% CDR, plus the active shield on it, making it a solid tanky support item to build early and take into the late game. {{item:3069}} gives 100% base mana regen, 100% base HP regen, 10% CDR, 20 MS, and an active that gives your entire team what's essentially a Sivir ult. {{item:3092}} gives 50% base mana regen, 50 AP, 10% CDR, and an active that, while not useless, is not enough to equal out the item with the power and stats of FotM and ToA. **What I suggest:** * More AP on FQC, because 50 doesn't feel nearly as impactful as 500 HP from FotM or the 100% hp and mana regen and 20 MS on ToA. * More gold generated from the Tribute passive on FQC. Right now it only gives 10 gold, making it virtually no better than Frostfang in regards to its gold generation. * Maybe increase the radius of the Arctic Embrace active. * Have Tribute passive restore some mana and/or health upon proccing it, restoring more upon upgrading the items.
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