Lets all main twitch

so i was playing jax vs a heal fiora top lane(prob fuked up her summs) with twitch jgl i know that he would come top lane early but theres soome cheeszy azz thing i see twitch players do when playing him jgl , in my case he asked for a leash then let the fiora tank the damage so when she walk to the lane u suppos as a top laner to punish her for that and gain lane control ,so what happned? i didnt want to push cuz i knew that twitch is gonna cheese me i let her push right outside of my turret range and twitch come from no where behined me when i didnt even manage to hit the first minoin in the wave and with his posion+red buff+ smite item he managed to kill me even after i flashed to my turret ,hello?, then our botlane got ganked lvl 2 by lb then ,twitch lb and fiora ganked me top again ,twitch got super fed from this chessy sht he would just take the red buff and auto attack pepole to death, and it's not like ok he wont be a big threat late game he melted the whole team with two autos from his broken azz ult , he is super safe and super easy to get fed with idk how the fuk riot is thinking or do they even have a brain how long are we gonna lose games to this broken sht before they realize it's not healthty for the game and broken , mayeb like 1 years like they did to the ardent canser , and it's not like i am a noob toplaner or something i legit win every game expect when i get a hard counter and even that i could say i would played better but vs this rat there is 0 counter play ,u either ban twitch or play him , i dont enjoy playing him in the jgl but imma start doing it cuz it's super freello that riot will fix after 2 years ...
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