Matched w/ players w/ higher ELO than me in ranked

So I have been playing league since s8, I admit that I am not good and am not getting any better. Although I started playing just for fun I recently am starting to take it more seriously and wanted to play ranked (and I also saw some yt videos and thought bronze was supposed to be easy and fun and tried playing ranked) but..... the thing is myself as bronze 4(-3 LP 3 lose streak btw and 1 leave buster or was it 2 I cant remember) I still get matched w/ players from silver/iron elo and 100+ levels. I say to myself "Next game I will be matched to players from my elo." that never happens. I started playing ranked w/ great enthusiasm but am losing that match after match. Is there any way to be matched w/ someone your own lvl or someone your elo??? There was 2 games where my team all were silver and enemy was 100+ and silvers (and golds maybe IDK) and my team mates were frustrated and reported me. I play solo queue or sometimes duo with my bud. And matchmaking is not getting any better. my hero pool: {{champion:25}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:28}} role: any role bt my strength is solo laners lane: any lane really strength is top lane HELP!!!!!
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