To climb in season nine is a literal 1v9 required?

I was plat in season 8. I'm hard stuck gold in season 9. I get hard inters and feeders every game . Every lane but mine loses every single game. I get adcs who can't adc. Everyone is autofilled. Everyone doesn't give a shit. Nobody tries. Queued with my friend into a plat game. He was d4 last season I was plat 3. I'm on a brand new account. We get there and our Vayne adc actually can't play adc at all and our midlaner has a name to the effect of GIRLGAMERSLOL and then unironically hard ints the entire game going 0/9 versus the enemy zed. Meanwhile I'm playing Janna support and I'm 2/0/5 in lane but my adc is 40 cs down and just fundamentally can't play their champion. So I then decide to go mid. I'm 2/0 mid by about 10 minutes in and even in cs. Unfortunately this game I have a losing top and a losing bot lane. Which by the way chose a chogath adc versus caitlyn. So I know my team has no scaling champions and I'm Morgana mid. So I ask you is what is required to climb in season 9 literally 1v9? Am I not allowed to play Morgana? Do I have to play Jax every game? Do I have to play meta? Why can't I play a team reliant champion and rely on strategy? Why is the only way to win this game playing some sort of hyper carry? It's actually completely unfun for me to play well and lose every single. Imagine going 6/1/35 and losing because your vayne flashes into melee range of a riven that your top laner went 0/11 against. Just imagine being a support in that game. Opps I guess I shoulda ganked top 30 times as support by 5 minutes in to stop my Karma top from feeding riven 11 kills. My bad guys. We won bot and had a 17/4 vayne, but you know last season diamond vayne thought that flashing into melee range of Riven was a good idea. Idk man I guess I should have hyper carried as morgana support. I guess i shouldnt have been 6/1/35. I shoulda been 31111/0/135632523 . The enemy 0/14 support just out played me dude. What can I say better support wins.
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