Mage class lacking mechanical diversity/versatility

E.g. Veigar fun to play once then meh. I mean, his passive is just flat ap gains, his 2 basic damaging ability's are very hard to land on non-cc'd target's, and his ult is obviously basic af. Imo his entire kit is just his stun then press other buttons accordingly. another example would be syndra, obviously powerful but one dimensional, keep spamming spheres, try to land same stun combo over and over, follow up with point click r when applicable.. at least champs like azir or neeko have tons of versatility and out-pay potential. I'm not saying there shouldn't be easy champs, i'm just saying the mage category has fallen behind the mechanical curve(aren't' mages supposed to be intellectually superior? XD jk) p.s. revert Zyra
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