For a champion that is an assassin and is all about big risk high reward, Pyke is pretty safe

I mean, just think about. Literally every other assassin in the game has to snowball (which is admittedly very easy in this meta) to get things going, but Pyke just mitigates this entirely. He barely needs an item to function, is still incredibly useful when behind, can solo carry games when ahead, and is an absolute fucking nightmare to lane against. Like seriously. I can't name a single other champion in this game that can MISS HOOK, run INTO YOUR MINION WAVE, press E and STILL end up winning the trade. And by some fucking miracle if he doesn't, than he just runs away for like 5 seconds and half the damage he just took is gone. What even. I thought the one thing that was supposed to balance assassin was that they needed gold to function, but Pyke is literally designed to function on low econ. I guess if anything I just want him to be punished more for missing hook at the very least. Like he shouldn't still be so threatening if he misses his main pick tool, but he just is because E is such a scary engage tool.
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