With less than a month left of season 6

How is everyone doing? You still climbing? Give up? Happy where your at? I personally am excited because season 6 will be the first time I get to receive a victorious skin and change my stupid silver border. Literally had this damn thing since season 3 its time for a change. If you still climbing I want to wish you good luck and strength on your journey. Anyone who has spammed ranked in any given season will tell you it really is a grind. It tests your patience, your sanity, and it honestly takes a lot of perseverance to reach the rank you want. Season 3 I was so damn excited to reach silver. I got a new border and wanted to show it off to my friends. In the end no one really cared, but it was w/e it felt good to me. Season 4 and 5 were a real let down however. I really struggled trying to climb the ladder in silver. I could not get past damn silver 2. It was my kryptonite. There literally was an invisible wall at silver 2 100lp that would not let me pass. I think it took me 8 tries in 2 seasons to get stupid silver 1. Sadly didn't reach gold in time for season rewards so this will be my first season finally achieving the rank I always wanted on time. Its kind of cool in a way. I went from always thinking I was alright at the game but always struggling to climb. To finally admitting defeat and realizing there was tons of stuff I didn't know in this game even though I have played it since season 1. I am only gold 3 but honestly I am having so much more fun playing this game now than I have in the past. I guess its more just being aware of my surroundings more than anything. I realized I am just bad at the game and still am, but I learned more and have been able to play more consistently and now I win more than I ever have in past seasons. Now when I get outplayed in the jungle (usually by you damn diamond/low plat smurfs :( ) I think to myself "how did they gank that lane so quickly" or "how did I lose this match up so badly". Yea I still get frustrated with my teammates time to time but honestly more of my frustration is with myself more than anything. I still do dumb plays all the time and get really confused why I did what I did when I know I shouldn't have. For me making this game more fun was growing and accepting there is tons to learn and that I didn't know everything. Maybe doing this can help you as well. So whether you high elo or low elo I just wanted to take a moment to say I wish you all success on your journey and hope you reach your goal rank. If you don't that sucks but its not the end of the world. There is always next season and damnnnnnn does season 7 look promising. I personally am a little worried about the assassin meta as I don't really play assassins, but just like every season I know I will adjust to whatever changes are made. Good luck and good fight. Dukues
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