Kayle ultimate change

Since recently Kayle got her passive reworked to make her less clunky ,less weak early game in compensation of her true damage removal. Kayle now need 1 more change to feel better and here is my idea. Kayle being auto attack reliant and squishy, she can't really make a great use if her current ultimate since the Aoe is fairly small and trying to use the damage tagged with it often end in you dieing being to close to threats so you end up dieing trying to do damage with your ult. You basically are forced to ult your engage for damage to apply but you end defenseless against assassins. So here is my proposed change : Reduce the damage done or completely remove it if you self ult but you can still attack and cast spell during the duration like her previous ult but if you ult someone else, they get the ult damage instead. She recently got tuned down and I believe it would finnally rejoy Kayle mains.
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