Is Ivern really unlliked or has he just been an awful weak champion

There was a popular Youtube video recently released that made the argument Ivern is the least liked champion in League of Legends. This opinion shocked me because i always thought generally well liked champion. I'm personally of the opinion that Ivern's numbers are just AWFUL. His shields suck, his damage sucks even for an enchanter it's really really really bad, he is insanely squishy, he has absurdly low auto range for a ranged champ and his itemization is actually non-existent traditional enchanters are about sustain and CDR in lane, but since Ivern is a jungler he doesn't really care about sustain or CDR for his ganks, making it so he wants damage and raw numbers during the laning phase and more traditional support items in the late game. Personally i feel like Ivern was repeatedly gutted in S7, not because he was strong but because Ardent was broken and as soon as Ardent was put in check Ivern became unplayable and has been unplayable since.
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