Sick and tired of the overpowernes of Riots approved meta champions

How am I supposed to enjoy a game that literaly punishes you for playing one of the non meta champion? The blatant favoritism Riot has over some champions is ridiculus and not healthy for a game that has hundreds of champions and praises to be a sport. This favoritism to have only a handful of champions up to date and strong over the rest just makes things boring and unfair, its like having an olympics games where only 20 people are athletes and the rest 100 are fat people trying to finish a 200m sprint. I have used Riot approved champions and they are strong as hell, the sheer effort you need to put into them to perform is very very minor compared to the effort you need to put into a non meta champion. They do more damage, have a kit for almost any situation, do not punish the player for bad play compared to non meta champions that in some cases you need to play god like just to be in the game but 1 mistake 1 bad call and you are out of the game. I know Riot will never accept this even if they know, and meta slaves will also defend this kind of play (because thats how they get their little ranks) The meta slaves are to me the worst kind of players you can find in a game, not only because they hop from one champion to the other but because by doing so they support this kind of **_-10-20 champion meta and fuck the rest-_** game play Makes the developers and balance team lazy to have a nice balanced game because its much easy for them to just pretend to only have 20 champions and have them be played all games including competetive, Im just looking forward to this world just for everyone to see how games are going to have the same bans and the same champions used over and over again, even pros are to afraid to use anything outside the meta because its THAT much weaker then meta champions. Well thats it for my rant, hope this worlds 2018 is the same as always, hyped as hell but when it starts we all realise its ResidentSlepper games
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