hey there ...Just an update..for all u people that said i was the problem and i asked u to look at m

DikGod - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
DikGod / Bronze 2 68LP / 243W 273L Win Ratio 47% / Lux - 114W 113L Win Ratio 50%, Diana - 46W 39L Win Ratio 54%, Orianna - 19W 30L Win Ratio 39%, Zyra - 26W 22L Win Ratio 54%, Irelia - 8W 8L Win Ratio 50%
So yeah i played my games ...went to promos ...damn well played my ass off good and true ....and what do i get as ive been trying to tell all of u that told me i was the problem ......i get a tristana 1/7 then stands afk at base for 6 mins then dc and second game ....adc siver i think it was 1/ 14/3 something like that ...never in group fight always getting caught off ....tried everything u guys said ....In fact i did my best but hey ...if the constant trolling in my games happen and im being told that its my fault what tf am I suppose to do Im not an island .....so yeah Ive tried and ive failed but 80% of the time at the expense of other players so what am i suppose to do so yeah fun time .....Im waiting for the comments to tell me that im the problem and my everything is horrible because honestly i just my quit this game.
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