Minion Dematerializer rune in the Inspiration tree needs a buff.

Minion Dematerializer | Rune Forge
Start the game with 6 Minion Dematerializers that kill and absorb lane minions instantly. Minion Dematerializers are on cooldown for the first 155s of the game. Absorbing a minion increases your damage by +4% against that type of minion permanently, and an extra +1% for each additional minion of that type absorbed.
Currently there is no reason to take Minion Dematerializer over Magical Footwear and Future's market. The % damage increase is not significant enough to out weight free boots at 10 minutes that are gold efficient. **Problem:** Each Dematerializer used shouldn't have diminishing values if used on the same time. Currently, the first proc on one minion type increases damage by 4% and procs after only increase damage output by 1%. **Suggestion:** Keep each proc consecutive and consistent in terms of damage out put. Lower the % to 3 but all procs after remain at 3%. This would be a helpful start, increasing the number of dematerializers doesn't seem to be the right course of action (currently start with 6) because they already take up a much needed item slot. Thoughts?
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