Dynamique queue will NEVER be a true ladder experience

It won't. It cannot be. You're shoving premades and solo players onto the same ladder, and by doing this you have made each player's elo WORTHLESS. A silver level player can EASILY get carried to diamond if he has 3-4 pals to carry him there. And if he plays games with his now-diamond mmr he will RUIN the game for 4 other people. If you don't think that's a problem, you (looking at you riot) are an idiot. Each player's mmr no longer matters as of s6. There's too many variables now. You can't look at 2 player's mmr and justifiably say who is the better solo queue player. One could have higher mmr than the other just by getting carried by his friends. Dynamic queue therefore has made mmr meaningless. It means nothing. How do we make dynamic queue a true ladder experience? Quite simply, you can't. By its very nature you're combining several different queues into one mmr. Which is unbelievably stupid. 'But now you can play ranked with your frandssss'. NO. THERE IS NO RANKED ANYMORE. IF THE LADDER IS MEANINGLESS, IT IS NOT RANKED. So basically this is riot's logic: we want to allow you to play with your friends (something you could already do in normal games) but they wanted it to be ranked experience (which we also already had with teambuilder). But they wanted it to be easy for the player. You could queue as 1, 2, 3, 4, even 5 players all in the same ladder, all with the same mmr. Yea? Well, in doing so, ranked has been destroyed. Now there are just 2 versions of normal draft queue, one just happens to have meaningless divisions attached to with some meaningless rewards. There is no ranked play anymore. You want a real, fair, meaningful competitive experience? Go play a different game. EDIT: na spelling.
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