Lane Nidalee Is Not Forgotten, Riot Needs To Do Something

r/NidaleeMains - The Current State of Nidalee (super minion after 25 minutes)
Hey there, My name is Mid Nidalee, also known as WTCL Taylor and AVA Wildy throughout the years. I have been playing League of Legends and specifically maining Nidalee since Season 2. During Season 3, I played 546 games of Mid Nidalee at 61% win-rate. Back then my summoner name was Best Mid Nidalee.
Nidalee players are not asking for a Nidalee revert, but some changes made to Nidalee to give power back to lane Nidalee while keeping Jungle Nidalee from being busted. Please join the discussion with solutions to help Nidalee be viable in the Lane, as well as Jungle. Most of Nidalee's current problems stem from the Hunt passive being feast or famine, leaving nearly no room for Lane Nidalee in League of Legends without Jungle Nidalee being OP.
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