The real truth about gameplay this season

The truth is that jungle/support has become obsolete but since the positions are still "locked in" by the queing the Meta is forced. Since snowballing has become so unimportant it is just best to run to where ever the most PVP/expected PVP from objectives is happening. Also clearly Riot and about 30% of players are upset that the gameplay is radically changing so they are even banning none meta people like nunu offjungle support/singed spt/ap carry roaming supts just because people get so mad if you don't do predefined stuff. It is kinda ironic since in pros it has been this way forever, but now even in low/mid elo it is like this every game too. If an ADC isnt good enough to 2 v 1 in bronze-silver-gold ranked then they dont deserve elo, and if your jungle/roaming spt isnt good enough to come when it goes from 2 v 1 to 3 v 1 for the ADC or the 2 enemies are overextended then you dont deserve to win. Most games just come down to people focusing on winning for long enough. Also in general connections have somehow gotten worse although the remakes kinda mask that aspect of the client sucking. Scripting/Botting is getting to unacceptable levels and clearly riot isn't banning the people fast enough so it is becoming a problem like it was in rs/wow during the worst times. Just my take.
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