Lets talk earth bender

Alright from what I've seen of her this champ is pretty bad, I mean yorick first release bad, Here's my opinion why First off we all know riot loves their mobility champs and although her minefield thing is a decent idea the fact of the matter is its actually really weak, yes you can say but her knock up will trigger it but lets be honest, that knock up takes WAAY to long to go off pretty much to the point it can be ignored. Her passive should be called "I sure hope there inst a vayne or poppy in the game." Now lets talk about her ult. but before I bring this up I would ask the one who came up with it one simple question Can I buy some pot from you? The entire ult makes no sense, put a wall up that I HAVE to be near to use my passive or ride on the wall and screw over my team half the time, Oh and lets make it so it hangs around FOREVER. It is literally the laziest and most uninteresting ult in the game, Malphite ult is more exciting. All in all Her damage is low, half her abilities are situational at best and she just feels underwhelming, It just feels like this whole champ is a combination of other champions abilities but way worse P: lol Q: shoots like lucians ult but slower and less range, very awkward to hit W: Velkoz knock up but can be even more easily dodged making the fact you choose the knock direction useless E: Ziggs minefield that can just be walked past since the slow is weak and they don't detonate unless a dash is used R: Sols flight mixed with anivia wall, (you'd think that it sounds good but no. no it isn't.) Basically someone dropped the ball, Should've released her BEFORE the mage update so it doesn't look like such an obvious mess up when you have to scrap half her kit for something else. And for the record no im not ranting but I'd hate to see a new champion end up like Zac and half to be shoved to the back of the closet almost immediately after release.

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