Why Ahri's winrate has inflated

* Reductions to frontloaded burst from assassins have returned her to being a safer pick, since there's less danger of people shredding her in one rotation early on. * Her overall damage output and kit power hasn't changed much, but the change to essence theft has improved her safety in lane due to not losing it from casting charm or foxfire. * The .4 seconds longer early charm has made it slightly easier to disengage in a bad situation or outplay a diver. * The electrocute changes are a strong buff to early trading, and puts her in a much nicer spot since she, like Evelynn, and the other AP assassins, have low killing power pre-6. Not counting Leblanc. * The maneuverability in combat her passive provides is still underrated and underestimated. * Manaflow band still mitigates the weakness of her mana hungry nature.
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