SO I just played a game as inting Mordekiaser

AND IT WAS THE FUNNIEST GAME IVE HAD IN AWHILE. Guardian and Demolish with overgrowth and magical footwear. I built Sorc Shoes, Steraks, Morellos, Warmogs, Mejias, and Mallet. With demolish I could blow down towers. I was tanky as hell without building resistances and shielded my allies. I was faster than normal, and come late game with a drag ghost I had almost 6k hp. I was always shielding, never dying. I know pros like to play Mord like this... I see why now Come late game I literally just walk in and beat towers, shrugging off damage, than proceed to free kills OPOPOPOP Edit: When I say inting, I dont mean intentional feeding. You farm your ass off as s pacifist early, out CS them, buy heavy hp items, and abuse demolish rune, built in sustain, and dragon ghosts ability to face tank towers. Come mid game you int TOWERS!! You take them down, and are hard to kill. You chain ghosts after 6. Its halarious and will win games.
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