Use the game's toxicity to your advantage.

This is fairly common sense already as League players but I'm here to show a couple of ways I've learned to give you slight advantages that can change the flow of the game from champ select, even. You want 2 free bans in champ select? Act like a toxic... Let's say, {{champion:157}} main or any champion you want banned and declare him/her, type in champ select something like "Ill dodge if u guys ban my champ". Chances are that your teammates will ban that champion, earning you a free ban! The amount of times this has worked is crazy. Other tips include using the enemy's tilt to your advantage. Now, if you're a ~~degenerate~~ {{champion:105}} main like me you know that my champion is made to piss the enemy off. Be as obnoxious as you possibly can. If you get a slight lead, burn the enemy's summoners in a good trade, etc. Type in all chat something like "Annie flash down" or "Annie f (time when it comes back up)", then you can follow up with something like "oops didnt mean to /all that one". Use the most obnoxious emotes **CONSTANTLY**. Using my ~~Braindead~~ main as an example, I dodge any ability with my E or just sidestep it? flash mastery or an emote, no matter how small the action is, just flash that shit. League players have such a fragile ego they will try risky plays the moment they get disrespected, do some friendly banter to the enemy in /all. be like "are you even trying here?" or "Good try!". They will hate you. And that's what you want. You want them to start playing dumb so you start winning. Don't do anything to fuel the fire if your team gets heated up, your teammates will have fragile egos very often too! You see someone flame you for making a bad play? just say "my bad, sorry" and move on. They get mad, they type things to make themselves feel better about the game not going 100% like they want it to. Just let them have their little rant and don't bother replying. If they harass you with pings just mute them. You only care about the enemy's tilt. Use the tilt as your weapon. Follow the way of the {{champion:105}}. Make them chase your {{champion:27}} trail. And most importantly of all, set up for your strong allies, a Jungler that gets help no matter if it's you walking up to a 1v1 in the jungle, the enemy jungler might get scared and back off, be a fly, always annoying the enemy no matter where you go. Oh, they're contesting dragon? show up and piss them off, always be there to deny their shit. I hope this helps people out there! Good luck! -An annoying {{champion:105}} main.
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