Pantheon, first thoughts

I enjoy his visual upgrade, not a huge overhaul in changes. I enjoy his new kit, not a huge overhaul in functionality. Wish other reworks got this treatment... That being said I think its interesting how among his Q into a skillshot was enough to budget making his E a wall/block against projectiles AND letting him move during the cast. Also got a lower budget into having an ult that is half its cast time. Verrryyy interesting. **Edit based off comments so far and my rationale, so far.** Passive shield block removed, moved into E but for projectiles. Passive crit/execute removes, replaced with new passive that enhances abilities Skillshot on Q removed, E is now a mobile ability Ultimate has half its cast time. The power is increased in almost all ways (debatable only on block reset vs projectile block) Altogether huge strength shift upwards.

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