Why is Yasuo getting hotfix buffed after a single day?

Riot Scuffy just shared that a hotfix patch is going to hit live later today, including Ez, Kai’Sa and Banner nerfs (thank god) and Taliyah and Yasuo buffs. Now, why are both, but primarily Yasuo, getting buffed back after a single day? I mean, I know that he got hit hard with the crit changes, but he has a 46% WR and 18% pick rate in Diamond+, which is not TOO BAD for a supposedly high skill (and high frustration) champion after just one day with the new patch. There’s more champions that were shit before 8.11 and are now even worse that are being completely ignored until 8.12, but why does Yasuo (and also Taliyah, to an extent) get a special treatment for that?
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