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Edit2: Seems like some people didn't quite get the memo or didn't read the first paragraph of the post or both, either way. This is not a list of stuff that should be nerfed this is just an "educational" (if you want to call it that) post about "hidden" damage in champions kit for beginners. The first line I posted one each champion is just how a beginner would propably (propably not tho) react after encountering one of those hidden damage outputs. Has nothing to do how I would react, I know all of the stuff I just posted below would be kind of stupid if I didn't since then how did I write it down in the first place. I hope this clears things up. __________________________________________ With this post I would like to help newer players to understand what to look for when fighting specific champions and reduce "how the hell did I just die?!" moments. What I'm mostly going to highlight are things that are more hidden in a champions kit in regards to damage output, I won't list stuff like "Btw Zed Q actually does damage" but more stuff like "Zed Q deals a lot more damage to the first target it hits" I will also try to only list stuff that is hard to see, so stuff like Fizz E wont be highlighted in this post since it's pretty clear when or what deals damage to you at that point. Anyway let's get right into it, keep in mind this is ONLY about damage output and not a guide on how to play against the champions. {{champion:103}} "1 charm and I'm dead nice champion" This one is a funny story actually, Ahri used to have a damage amplifier on her Charm. When she got reworked they removed that mechanic but then she got reworked again so they added it back.... not that funny of a story come to think of it Long story short, if you get hit by her Charm you will take +20% more damage from all her spells and attacks. I actually don't know if the true damage part of her Q is getting amplified too (true damage in general doesn't work with amplifiers or damage reductions) {{champion:32}} "That 0/12 Azir just blasted my ass off the planet with 1 Amumu stun what the hell?!" This mechanic got added rather "recently". When he attacks you with auto attacks or when he casts his ult on you he applies a debuff called "cursed" It makes it so you get +10% bonus true damage from all incoming magic damage slapped to your face. This bonus true damage is calculated BEFORE the magic resistance mitigation so it deals a lot of damage to even champions that have stacked MR. {{champion:34}} "I almost got 1 shot a second ago and now she hits like a wet noodle" This one is rather well known however I will still list it. Her E (the point and click damage) deals double damage to enemies that have been stunned by her Q or have been damaged by a fully extended ultimate Edit: Forgot to mention, her Q deals 2 instances of damage, 1 when the projectile passes trough and 1 when it explodes. If used well, Anivia can proc both instances to deal almost double the damage. {{champion:51}} "Ah yeah sure just take away half my HP at lvl 2 who cares right?" Her Q deals a lot more damage to the first target it hits, just stand behind a minion or flash behind your support to assert domincance {{champion:69}} "Ha! Absolutely no damage trash champio- wait wait wait hold ON" While she might look harmless when she HASN'T poisoned you, she will shred your face once the poison is applied. Her E gains bonus damage towards poisoned enemies and also heals her, a thing to note is that any poison will empower her E, even if another champion poisons you, like Teemo or Singed. {{champion:42}} "He is building AD and im building Armor but I still die in 3 autos while death recab is telling me Earth Drake critted me for 2k true damage with Ludens Echo! What is going on?!" This is also rather well known but Corki converts 80% of all damage he deals via auto attacks to magic damage... so you have to go MR against this guy if anything even if he builds like an ADC. As a tip, Adaptive Helmet is really good against him {{champion:36}} "This guy is going almost FULL TANK and is dueling me like a Fiora!" Apart from the fact that his Cleaver throw deals massive damage when you are at high health (it deals up to 30% current HP damage) he also can gain up to 100-200 AD by pressing E (based on missing health). The first auto attack he does after using E also deals bonus damage. So the next time you are asking yourself how he just ran you down like a fed Jax just remember that he pressed E and outperformed you. {{champion:41}} "Lmao this is the freest early game I have ever seen, let me engage on his ass and show him who is the real boss!" .... "oh" Gangplanks early game truly does suck massive cock however you shouldn't underestimate the damage of his double passive proc. Unlike other DOT effects like Malzahar / Teemo / Singed, Gangplanks passive DOT doesn't refesh when it is applied multiple times but it stacks instead. So when he gets 2 passive procs on you off you will burn to a crisp. {{champion:86}} "I'm sorry, HOW much true damage?!" Garen in general is pretty straight forward until it comes to the Villain mechanic. Garen will deal bonus 1% max hp true damage on-hit to the Villain (also works with his E) and his ult will be converted from magic damage to true damage when striking the Villain. This can get up to 1.5k true damage right into your face. So when your champion icon is displayed right next to Garen you should try to get out of dodge. Also as a sidenote, his E (the spinning attack) deals +33% bonus damage to isolated targets {{champion:121}} "0.04 seconds nice, that is at least 4 times more time I got to react as oppose to this other hunter dude" While there is not much to tell about the only Bug in the game, the thing you should know however is that he deals absurd amount of damage towards isolated targets So the next time you're playing Syndra just take a minion with you into the jungle.... juuuust to be safe {{champion:90}} "This DOT is lasting for 10 seconds now dude, cool ability, so good, much wow" Malzahars DOT refreshes it's duration when you get hit by his silence (Q). Also keep in mind that his little voidlings always focus the guy that has the DOT on him or the guy he ults. Don't ignore the voidlings, a single one doesn't do much but they are rarely alone {{champion:75}} "late game scaling champion by the way, rapes my ass with a sheen by the way, I'm going full armor by the way" While "late game scaling champion" doesn't really fit with Nasus anymore unfortunately, the thing you need to watch out for is his AOE that barely does any damage at all. Now don't see this as a free ticket to just stand in the AOE because it will reduce your total Armor by 35% while you are in it. Which is a lot, so try to get away from the AOE when fighting him. {{champion:56}} "Oh wow really thematic ultimate I can't see anything an- why am I in grayscreen?" It is hard to see (pun intented) why Nocturne sometimes deals damage and sometimes just doesn't. It is because of his Q, Nocturne gains AD while he is under the black area when he casts Q (no idea what that is), a trick he can do is to Ult and cast Q mid flight just before landing to enhance the ult damage and also burst harder since Q and R damage apply almost at the same time. All of this combined can lead to a high damage output you weren't expecting {{champion:2}} "Almost got him cmon dude cmon, NOOOOO!" There are very few champs that get more dangerous the lower they are and Olaf is one of them. He gains A LOT of attack speed the lower his HP gets. Do not think that you can just auto battle an Olaf down since his healing also gets increased the lower he gets. Once he is low you have to burst him down, otherwise he will clutch the fight. Another thing to note is his Axethrow (Q) he can pick up the Axe to refund a large portion of the ability cooldown, now he can also "juggle" 2 axes at the same time. Once you see that he actually does an Axe juggle on you be very careful, that will deal atomic levels of damage. {{champion:80}} "No way this spear kills me" It's pretty straight forward, Pantheon gains 100% crit chance with his Autos and his Spearthrow to any target that is below 15% HP So yeah, that spear will actually kill you {{champion:35}} "0.1 seconds oh baby we are getting there!" While this is pretty pointless to know but Shaco deals additional damage when he attacks you from behind (not like you can keep him away from applying that damage) A more important thing to know is however that on-attack items like Duskblade and Trinity force also get applied by his clone when he ults, so in total he can apply 3 stacks of any on-attack attack which gets pretty crazy when it comes to damage output. {{champion:102}} "uuuh huh... I don't know what the hell just happened" Don't worry, I didn't know for a long time either. Shyvana has a debuff in form of a skillshot in her kit. Once you are affected by that debuff she will deal 3.25% max HP damage on-hit. That alone is massive, however her Q makes it so the next auto attack from her will apply on-hit effects twice, so essentially she will deal 6.5% of your maximum HP as magic damage with 1 auto attack. Long story short, when you get debuffed get the hell out of dodge. {{champion:48}} "Dude he is smashing my face in and I have...wait... -50 Armor?" Trundle is one of those champions that you need to keep away from you ESPECIALLY if he ults. He will steal 20% of your HP and 40% of your resistances, not reduce, he will STEAL them. This alone makes him a terror to 1 v 1, it gets worse though. For champions that have a timeframe where they gain resistances (like Afterschock / Sejuani / Rammus) Trundles ult will steal 40% of the current amount. So let's say you are playing Sejuani with Afterschock, you just activated Afterschock and your Passive and slowed the entire map with your IBG. You're now sitting at 800 or so Armor, Trundle will now steal 40% of that 800 so in other words 320 Armor. But now your buffs are running out and your armor goes back to the normal value of 250.... Trundle will still steal 320 tho so you essentially have -70 Armor left while Trundle just became a mega full tank out of nowhere... and he will proceed to smash your face in with his giant club. He is also known to be unbeatable level 1 by other auto attack based champions, his Q will give him AD and reduce your AD by half that amount, again, very strong dueling tool. {{champion:23}} "no way he will crit" This one used to be pretty hidden but is relatively well known now, Tryndamere gains AD the lower he gets up to 35 AD, his Q also gives him up to another 25 AD, so if you ever ask yourself from where that 200 damage crit came from while he was level 3, yeah it's that. {{champion:77}} "Fool! You dare to walk into my jungle?! You shall witness my wraaAAAAHHH, fuck this game" He is another one of those champions where his DOT doesn't refresh but rather stacks... kind of. His Tiger stance when activated will put a DOT on you, now when he stays in Tiger stance every 4th auto attack will trigger that DOT again. What he now can do is to activate Tiger and hit a random mob until he is at his 4th auto to apply another DOT. This time however he runs to a champion, attacks them, activates tiger stance again to instantly apply another DOT. Applying another Tiger stance DOT will let the other DOT deal all it's damage right away and the newer DOT will start ticking. This deals an absurd amount of damage especially in the early game. {{champion:8}} "level 6 aaaaaand I'm dead, thank you Riot games" Apart from the fact that Vladimir deals tons of damage in general there is 1 thing you need to keep in mind when you get hit by his ultimate. When you are affected by Hemoplague you will take +10% increased damage from ALL sources, not just from Vlad, from everyone and everything. That minion auto that would have dealt 10 damage? now deals 11 get shit on {{champion:106}} "Let me do 1 risky trade I can heal back up" Now I generally didn't include champs in this that just have high damage in general but Voli is so rarely seen and his base damages are just off the charts. When he is lvl 6 and you are even remotely squishy stay away from this bear, once in melee range you are just dead. {{champion:157}} "I guess my Armor is worth nothing" Well it actually is worth almost nothing since he ignores 50% of your bonus armor (Edit: only with critical strikes) when he ults.... yeah thats pretty much everything you need to know about him, oh also the double crit strike thingy, and the shield from his passive, and that his ult puts him out of tower range, and the windwall hitbox being clunky, and his Q not counting as AOE for lifesteal effects, and that you can't see the timers for his E, and..... {{champion:238}} "bye half my HP bar, I will miss you!" As already mentioned, his shuriken deals bonus damage to the first target it hits, so stand behind minions or call your jungler to then flash behind him to assert domincance. Edit: {{champion:45}} "3k damage?! wait you have HOW MUCH AP??!" Veigar gains AP by just hitting spells on enemy champions or last hitting with his Q. Keep track of this since at some point he will have farmed enough AP to pretty much 1 shot you. His ult is also an execution and deals up to double damage (capping at 66% missing health) {{champion:68}} "This is a highly ineffective way of using a machine always keeping it's heat meter at almost max" You might be right when it comes to real machines, Rumble however works differently. When the bar under his HP bar turns yellow or orange his spells get empowered. His Flamethrower deals bonus damage, his shield is getting increased and his harpoons slow and damage gets increased (all effects get increased by 50%) This is not entirely bad though, keep in mind once he overheats (bar turns red) he will silence himself for a time, in this time however he deals bonus on-hit damage via auto attacks. _________________________________________ Well that pretty much summs it up! If you have problems with other champions or don't understand where their damage is coming from just ask in the comment section and I will help ya out!

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