You can't even call this "games" anymore.

There's literally 2 scenarios that happen every game: 1 - Your team is trash and you hard carry them. 2 - Your team is trash and you can't carry them. And maybe a 3rd one where your team is good sometimes and you can literally go 0/39 and still win. Which isn't fun either, because it makes you feel like you don't matter. No more equal games where macro wins, it's just "I picked a braindead 55% win rate champ hurr durr, im gud now and I kill you in 0,5 secs". Even the games where you can hard carry are stressful as fuck, you can't relax for a second because all you hear is "an ally has been slain" and you have to hold hands for your team every second of the game or just watch the enemy team take your 5 towers in one push.

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