I appriciate wukong changes on pbe, but I have one suggestion to add.

Since his changes makes him more aa dependant(welp in my opinion), I think it will be still hard for wukong to proc conqueror in some situations. For example in teamfights where he MUST rush E Q R combo, just sometimes there is no time for him to hit 2 aa more and then press R, every second matters. I think his R should start proccing conqueror, 1 stack per 1 rotation, because right now it procs only 1 stack after using R . I would add his clone AA to actually stack conq for u, I don't think that he will have raw power in AAs to actually fight on par against riven,jax,irelia. He has his W on purpose just to avoid crucial dmg dealt to him, or to run, this would help him come back to a long trade/fight with a stacked conqueror. His current conqueror stacking is horrible, I just hope after this little rework he will be fine with using conqueror instead of only electrocute.
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