Honestly: People want Riot to cover for their bad decisions/play too much

The whining I've seen on the game play boards recently just throws me for a loop. It's like people don't even know what game they're playing these days. Or rather, they know what the game is and they'd rather be playing "League of *insert summoner name here*" instead. **League is part dynamic gameplay, yes, but it's PART STRATEGIC.** No one seems to give two flips about the latter half of the game, though. Yes, that means team comps *always* matter. Yes, that means if you pick the only tank in your comp and go full ad, you're a moron. No, the game shouldn't have to be bent and twisted to compensate for your pre-game or in-game stupidity in this regard. If you have an abundance of split pushers, no one's gonna hold objectives for you to split. If you have an abundance of utility champs, you put extreme emphasis on your few damage dealers. If you have a crap ton of assassins, know that you don't have utility and you invested a shit ton into the early game. If you intentionally disregard certain elements of the game, you can't just up and complain about it when you get rolled by those elements in the game. The issue is that people act like this game's balanced like a fighting game. That's *part* of it, yeah, but not all of it. You're gonna have bad match-ups, you're gonna have to worry about who's who and who's doing what, and no, you can't do everything yourself, nor is it a smart idea to balance a team game so that you consistently can. **How many times are we gonna whine about meta/champs?** And I don't mean the *usual* whining. I mean the whining that caused the assassin update. THAT whining. If it isn't a tank meta, everyone wants it to be a tank meta. If it IS a tank meta, everyone complains about fighters being bad. When assassins are one-shotting targets, everyone wants Riot to add counter-play to "no counter-play, face-roll assassins". When they add that to those champs, now we're bitching about adcs not being killed. When Riot's doing champ updates in bulk, everyone complains about how they hate class updates. When class updates are officially dropped, people start talking about wanting that "Diver update" that was in the pipeline. Now, we could go on with this for a LONG time, but the point is: Regardless of if these things were good or bad things to complain about, are you guys upset because they're *actually issues* or because *you just don't like X and you want something to happen?* Perfect example being game length. In season 5, no...not every champ was good. Every LATE GAME CHAMP was good. Early game bullies had it rough as hell in season 5 during Cinderhulk's early months and team comps could have up to 3 tanks at a time, with comps *regularly* having at least 2 tanks. Games would go on for 40+ minutes almost consistently, and Jinx/Vayne were CONSTANTLY complained about, which led Riot to eventually nerf the absolute crap out of Jinx (to the point where she's kinda shit, tbh). And now we got *thread after thread* begging Riot to force game lengths to be *longer* than now. Why? Makes no sense. We have a solid mix of early and late game champs being strong picks *right now.* Why would we fuck that over? It makes even LESS sense when people *also* want hyper carries like Twitch to be nerfed *at the same time.* HELLO? These two complaints don't even add up together. **The circle jerk is probably the worst offender.** The Yasuo and Fiora jerks are probably the worst of them all, but seriously, these circle jerks are just too damn much. Like...let's take Twitch's circle jerk, for example. If I go to LeagueofGraphs, Twitch has about a 51.6% win rate atm (for Diamond, anyway). Now, a Rioter specifically commented on Twitch (forget which) and said "Rain or shine, Twitch usually sits on about a 'pretty solid' win rate because his kit allows him to exploit elements that thrive in solo queue more than organized play". Makes sense if you think on it. When Censer was strong, Twitch had about a 52% win rate. Censer's not strong? Still around 52%. Some champs just abuse solo queue, and Twitch most likely is that type of guy. Hell, the highest win rate solo queue marksman isn't even Twitch according to this site. It's *fucking Draven* at almost 55% after the Censer nerfs brought down all the hyper carries. So why the hell is everyone and their G-ma on Twitch for basically existing in stasis? Should Twitch just get Sejuani'd? Is that how balancing should be? Champs should just "take turns being good"? Is that the answer we're looking for? My issue isn't necessarily having a complaint. That's fine. My issue stems from complaints that look like people just want Riot to fix the game to cater to them specifically rather than looking at why something may be the way it is.
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