I'm wondering why Illaoi has gone unnerfed in 8.1...?

Right now, for whatever reason, Illaoi is thriving in the top lane like she never has before Maybe it's the fact that she can survive in the top lane poke meta. Maybe its the fact that as a melee she can chunk 1/3 a champs HP and zone them off of a wave, and her, completely with a single E. Maybe it the fact that post-6 shes basically ungankable. Maybe it's tha fact she has pretty uninteractive gameplay. Sound somewhat farmiliar? Oh yeah, I believe Heimer just got a huge nerf for mostly the same reasons (not complaining about those tho) Whatever it is Illaoi is BROKEN. Right now she's sitting at a 52% winrate. Which, by the way, is 3/4% higher than Zoe which you all seem to hate. And I'm gonna come out and say it that I would take playing against a Zoe any day of the week if I had to choose between her and Illaoi. It's time to nerf Illaoi

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