Why i think Shaco is in a bad state (IMO)

Let me start off by saying this is my opinion, everyone has a right to their's respectfully. Please don't let your response be unprejudiced, i respect any objective response, i think if we try we can shape Shaco into a champion that won't be so globally disliked. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The basic idea I think Shaco is a good example of a badly designed early-development champion with band-aids, his ratios esentially make you never play Shaco as a full champion. - Chances are you're playing AD Shaco mostly, well when you go AD you basically abandon half of your kit exactly. - And if you go AP route you abandon the other half of your kit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - AD Shaco Boxes do little to no damage and with AD, Shaco being majority of time burst-reliant, they really make no sense at times with AD. - At times im afraid my shiv might heal the opponent. - The boxes of your ultimate are just for the initial fear, just like your regular boxes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -AP Shaco His boxes are now the essential part of his kit where as AD they are the last, they do damage now and have enormous amount of outplay potential if you get good with placements. - Shiv combined with Scorch and Arcane comet are a really good poking tool early in lane. - Your Q is now mostly just used for the stealth and not to backstab, - Your ultimate is now only used for mind-games and the boxes- - You completely lose the abillity to be a good Jungler with AP builds as his ganking is truly terrible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Riot makes you pick between two different champions in one body, and both times youre losing out on other part of the kit and playstyle. This is also why i think playing Shaco feels bad to play, imo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shaco like his ratios, isn't optimised fully to either role as an AP Laner or AD Jungler, In jungle relying on usually buying tiamat or backstabbing little raptors/krugs. - In lane relying on shiv to cs, being freezed on easily. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have many ideas about specific changes to Shaco, but ill only list one that i feel is very objective and nothing over-powered - Shiv - Refunding mana upon killing enemy minion (Possibly partially-refunding the cooldown) - A lot of champions have abilities like this for farming, and i think Shaco could really use this for his laning. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To finish this off let me ask you this, Imagine if you played Shaco as a full champion with every abillity being significant rather than neglected.
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